Opportunity Highlights
• Opportunity Zones are designed to spur economic development by providing tax benefits to investors.

• The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) approved a $20 billion disaster recovery plan aimed at helping Puerto Rican citizens recover from both Hurricane Maria and Irma.

• HUD is the federal oversight agency for these funds, which are administered through the Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) framework overseen by HUD.

• “The construction workforce, estimated at roughly 33,000 before Hurricane Maria, will need to double to keep up with demand to rebuild roads, houses and other infrastructure damaged in 2017’s storm season” – President of the Puerto Rico Builders Association.

• Spear Capital Group P.R. will raise capital to develop multi-family housing, condominiums, and commercial real estate as one of the preferred developers in the territory of Puerto Rico.

• Letter of intents to build 10,000+ homes today across 5 different business cities in Puerto Rico.

• Through our established relationship with the government of Puerto Rico, we have projects that have been approved by the government and its municipalities on the island with confirmed letter of intents. HUD & CDBG have a goal of building 20,000 units on the island each year for the next 10 years to build back the multi-family housing that was destroyed by the hurricanes.

• There is an immense need to bring citizens back to normal living standards using mainland building codes that are in the contiguous states. Spear will use an innovative technology that withstand up to 200mph winds, which will control significant demand for hurricanes in the future. This patent-pending technology will also help us build faster in shorter time to keep up with the demand.

Following investor due diligence, Spear Capital Group will provide a
comprehensive Information Memorandum for an investment decision.